Tarot Three Fire Three of Wands Virtue

Tarot Three Fire Three of Wands,Virtue

tarot three fire wandsTarot Three Fire Three of Wands and each of the other minor arcana cards, numbered Three, exhibit characteristics ascribed to Binah, the third sephirah of the QBL Tree of Life.

Planetary Correspondence

The planetary correspondence of Binah is Saturn and each of the minor arcana cards numbered “Three” express this quality colored by their specific  elemental suit: fire, water, air and earth.

In Astrology, the energies of Saturn are construction, reliability, patience, tradition and stability bringing cohesion and crystallization to projects and ideas.

Saturn represents time, illustrating the card brings expertise as a result of steady and disciplined growth. With time comes understanding, emphasised by the meaning of the sephiroth, Binah.

This card indicates education through repetition with mind time, introspection and awareness of the autobiographical self. The appearance of timeline and the ability to observe one’s self in history is consciousness.

Astrological Decan Allocation

The allocation of Sun in Aries to Three of Fire reinforces the Binah Saturn quality of Three. For it  takes the dynamic qualities of Aries, initiated by Mars Two of Fire,  and creates a cohesive current.

The impulsive drive represented by Two of Fire, Mars in Aries, has evolved in Three of Fire, through the Binah Saturn influence, to become stable and constructive.

Three of Fire as the second decan of Aries is ascribed the planetary attribution of Sun in Aries and the cards title is Virtue.

Virtue is conscious education of the self  achieved over time through discipline and repetition, mind time plus awareness of self history.

It is doing the right thing for one’s self with high standards of behavior.

Three Fire is to be aware, a quality of mind time, introspection in conjunction with the autobiographical self, not just duration time, which is habits, but the appearance of self history within that timeline.

This awareness of being conscious of our actions manifests the concept of karma, a quality also appropriate for Saturn.

The card is understanding where we want to go with virtuous intent, and having the confidence towards achieving it.

All the cards have a positive and negative aspect and in the case of Three of Fire the positive aspect represents an energy that is channeled and constructive, leading to great accomplishments.

In contradiction to this is the cards negative nature of oppression, autocratic and tyrannical rule arising from its appearance of out living its usefulness.

See Perfected Work, the Four of Fire, that should be the objective of this card Three Fire.

The appearance of the Three of Fire in a tarot reading indicates consolidation, a coming together of diversity into a focused objective that will be realized in Perfected Success, Four of Fire.

Personality Type

The personality type associated with this decan is Queen of Fire. Her qualities are those suited to receive and translate the specific ancestral or inner voice of this decan should one has difficulty resolving the conundrum of Three of Fire’s appearance.

Bicameral Signature

In our failure to understand what a card is saying, we should allow ourselves to be driven back on our ancestral inner voice for resolution.

In this example Three of Fire, the major arcana cards Emperor and Sun, corresponding to Aries and Sun, are the specific signature voice of this decan. This voice will be transmitted through the personality type represented by the Queen of Fire whose elemental qualities are Water of Fire.

tarot card art
Major Arcana Emperor

Tarot Sun

Divination. Tarot of the Morning Star second edition divination deck. Created by Minneapolis artist author Roger Williamson. This second edition is a 78 card deck.
Tarot Court Card Queen of Fire

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