Princess of Water, Princess of Cups

Tarot Princess of Water

Tarot Princess of Water, Princess of Cups from Tarot of the Morning Star by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson
Tarot Princess of Water, Earth of Water


Rules from zero degrees Libra through thirty degrees Sagittarius. Allocated to major arcana cards Justice, Death, and Temperance.

Tarot Card Princess of Water represents emotional creativity, sensitivity, and intuition. This personality type is associated with the element of water, signifying fluidity, depth, and emotional expression. In the Golden Dawn tradition, this card is linked to the realm of emotions, love, and artistic inspiration. It suggests a time of embracing your feelings and connecting with your intuition to cultivate creativity and express your emotions in a meaningful way.

Tarot Card Princess of Water Personality Type

The Princess of Water, also known as the Page of Cups, is a card that symbolizes the qualities of a youthful, gentle, and kind young woman who possesses an imaginative and dreamy nature and inner courage when faced with challenges.

The character Margaret Trelawney in Bram Stoker’s The Jewel of Seven Stars embodies the essence of the Princess of Water, displaying both a gentle, imaginative nature and bravery in difficult situations. However, as seen in the novel, this type of person is easily open to obsession.

Depicted as gracious Princess of Water embodies sweetness, voluptuousness, gentleness, kindness, and tenderness. She is a Romantic, perpetually dreaming of rapture. Although she may appear selfish and indolent at first, she quietly attends to her duties effortlessly.

Princess of Water Characteristics

Princess of Water represents the process of perceiving patterns as in an ability to visualize or recognize patterns in clouds or foliage, in effect rationalizing chaos. Specifically, she signifies the quality of water to solidify intuitive impulses and give them substance, symbolized through water becoming ice, illustrating the earthly aspect of Water. Her strength lies in her understanding of the language of imagination as visual communication, as seen historically in ancient cave paintings, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and of course tarot cards..

As the throne of the Ace of Water, the Princess of Water is the first awareness of the emergence of this element when it interacts with our biological machine.

In tarot images, Princesses, also known as Pages in some traditional decks, typically embody youthful energy and an adventurous spirit, all tempered by their specific elemental attribution, representing new beginnings and fresh perspectives.

Princesses, Princes, and Aces have unique relationships with each other when applied to the philosophy of the QBL, revealing a magical formula, illustrated in the Diagram Princes and Princesses


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