Tarot Three Water

Three Water, Abundance

Three of Cups from Tarot of the Morning Star
Tarot card Three of Water Three of Cups

Tarot Three Water, Cups,  and each of the Minor Arcana cards numbered Three, express attributes of Binah, the third sphere on the QBL Tree of life whose title is Understanding.

Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence

The planetary correspondence of Binah is Saturn and each of the minor arcana cards numbered “Three”, exhibits this planet’s quality. These qualities will be colored by their corresponding elemental suit of fire, water, air, or earth. These four suits correspond to the four worlds of the QBL: Fire: Atziluth, Water: Briah, Air: Yetzirah, and Earth: Assiah.

Three of Cups is a card of celebration and joy signaling unity and friendship, of coming together to share in moments of joy and appreciation. However, the presence of Saturn adds a sober note to the card, encouraging us to think about the responsibilities and commitments that come with friendship and relationships. It is a reminder that relationships require effort and dedication if they are to remain strong and lasting. With Saturn’s influence, we are warned to take care in how we express our needs and wants. This is an indication to prioritize the needs of others just as much as our own.

Three of Water Astrological Decan Allocation

The Three of Cups is ruled by Mercury in the sign of Cancer, which adds to its associations of connection and emotional closeness. It is a card that speaks of the power of friendship and the emotional ties that bind us together. We are encouraged to remember and to appreciate the people in our lives and to take the time to treasure the moments we share.  The card encourages us to express our feelings of love and joy to those around us and to make sure that those we care about know how much they mean to us.


In the right circumstances, Three of Water can lead to an intense connection with our environment and with the people around us. We may find ourselves losing inhibitions and connecting on an emotional level, allowing us to experience joy, pleasure, and insight. All of these experiences can bring deeper understanding and growth if managed correctly. The danger is that we can be swept away with overindulgence in these experiences of rapture so that we let down our guard and fall victim to excess. 

When used wisely, this card can be a powerful tool of insight and connection.  Alternatively, its influence has the potential to make it one of the more dangerous cards in the oracle when Saturn’s positive qualities are pushed aside because of our loss of focus. 

In conclusion, the Three of Water can be a double-edged sword, capable of great pleasure and joy, but also danger and destruction when abused or taken too far. It is here that the decan planetary ruler, Mercury, comes into play.  Mercury, as the Magus, points us to use the Three of Water with balanced caution, trusting our inner voice and instincts as a guide. When we do, we are able to access the positive potential of this card and the inspiration, creativity, and healing that can come from it.

Personality Type

The character qualities of the court card Queen of Water are those best suited to receive and translate the specific ancestral voice of this decan.

Queen of Water expresses personality qualities that exhibit patience and direction in material undertakings in contrast to the decan Mars in Capricorn combination that signals a juggernaut drive to achieve wealth, social standing, and accumulation. This Queen’s qualities temper and harness powerful desire so that it’s directed towards constructive ends.

Decan Signature

In our failure to understand what any minor arcana card is saying, we should allow ourselves to be driven back to our specific inner voice of the decan for resolution.

In this example of Three Water, the conjunction of major arcana cards Chariot and Magus, corresponding to Cancer and Mercury, are the specific signature of this decan and will be projected through the personality type represented by the Queen of Water whose elemental quality is Water of Water.

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