Tarot Tower Explained

Tarot Tower Explained

tarot tower

The Tower is destroyed from within and not from without.  It symbolizes that we have reached the point in our journey where we have the courage to transcend the false idea we have of ourselves, the Tower.  Escaping it we release who we truly are and see the Tower for what it is, an eidolon.

Tarot of the Morning Star

Tarot of the Morning Star Book Reprint

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  1. Leo tarot card Strength. Corresponding to Leo and the Sun

    […] Strength is the only horizontal path on the QBL tree of life, in the Four World Arrangement, that does not resonate with any other. The remaining two horizontal paths,Priestess and Tower, do resonate with one another and interestingly their planetary attributes are Venus and Mars respectively. This path, Hebrew letter Teth meaning serpent, connects the spheres Chesed and Geburah, Jupiter and Mars. […]


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