Minneapolis Visual Artist

Minneapolis Visual Artist Roger Williamson

Minneapolis visual artist painter Roger Williamson. Original fine art symbolic oil paintings inspired by mythological, and magickal themes, including the major and minor arcana cards of the tarot.

Minneapolis Artist, Minneapolis visual artist paintings Roger Williamson. Minneapolis visual artists, Minnesota visual artist,Minnesota visual artists. Fall-Man a triptych of three 8 foot by 4 foot oil on wood panels, 2012/2013. Left Panel Fall: Paradise is for those who do what they are told Reaching for the serpent of wisdom and knowledge the seeker awakens the suppressed aspects of the self. The awakened individual becomes alert to all the previously suppressed personalities and potentials.  We wake up through escaping from the prison of religion and societies values. At the bottom left is our deepest sense of being.  It is awakening from sleep symbolized by the figure’s necklace that is Kephera, the Ancient Egyptian Sun at Night, that forces the Sun to rise at dawn.  On the bottom right of the work we can see the sleeper is guarded by the Goat of Mendes.Center Panel Anesidora Anesidora, she who sends up gifts, is a title of the Greek Pandora.   It is she who releases man’s opportunities, the challenges we need to overcome, from the vase given to her by the Gods.,Right Panel She Enters Her Dream And Takes Back Her Mask Of Power What we need we find within.outsider art
Fall of Man a triptych of three 96 inches by 48 inches oil on wood panels, 2012/2013
Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson. A gallery of mythological paintings, Paranormal American Art
Mythological Art
Roger Williamson displays a gallery of dark symbolic art, Supernatural America
Dark Symbolic Art
Minneapolis, Minnesota visual artist Roger Williamson. A gallery of magick, mythology, and related themes. Supernatural America, Paranormal American Art. Minneapolis visual artist paintings.
Metaphysical Art
Symbolic art by Minneapolis Minnesota resident artist Roger Williamson
Symbolic Art
Minneapolis artist Roger Williamson has created a 78 card deck of tarot cards, Tarot of the Morning Star.
Tarot of the Morning Star








**Roger Williamson: Minneapolis Artist with a Vision**

Roger Williamson, is a Minneapolis, Minnesota, visual artist  Born in Loughborough, England in 1947 and raised in Coventry he was from a young age, he was captivated by the works of late nineteenth-century French Symbolist painters, shaping his unique artistic journey.

Williamson’s work is a fusion of his esoteric upbringing and his practical experiences in magick, mythology, and dream control. These influences are vividly reflected in his paintings and writings, where he endeavors to translate the rich tapestry of dreams into the conscious realm.

Using various mediums, including painting and book writing, Roger Williamson seeks to reintroduce mystery and ambiguity into everyday life. His creative process invites audiences to explore their subconscious and find inspiration, leading to more vibrant and rejuvenated lives.

Among his notable creations are the Tarot of the Morning Star deck and the book *The Sun at Night*, both of which have intrigued and captivated audiences with their distinctive artistic vision.

Explore the world of Roger Williamson and discover how the language of dreams can transform your conscious experience.

Tarot of the Morning Star deck available from Gamecrafter 

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