Fall Of Man

Fall Of Man


Fall of Man, Baphomet, Anesidora, Awakened Self, a triptych of three 8 by 4 foot oil on wood panels, 2012/2013

fall of Man, an original oil painting by Minneapolis symbolic artist Roger Williamson Baphomet, Goat of Mendes. Anesidora, Pandora,


Fall of Man: Paradise is for those who do what they are told

Having overcome fear of the unknown, represented by Baphomet, the seeker reaches for the serpent of wisdom and knowledge.

The now conscious individual has become alerted to all their previously suppressed personalities and potentials.  Confronting fear we escape the prisons of religion, societies values and our own lack of faith in ourselves..

At the bottom left is our deepest sense of being representing ourselves awakening from sleep, symbolized by the figures necklace that is Kephera, the Ancient Egyptian Sun at Night. It is Kephera that both protects us in our journey through the underworld and releases us from its thralls like the Sun is released at dawn. 

On the bottom of the work we see the sleeper is guarded by the Goat of Mendes, Baphomet.  Baphomet has a dual function of deterring those not ready yet to proceed in the adventure and as a foundation or shield to those who have. In this regard it has similarities to the function of gargoyles on the exterior of medieval churches.



Anesidora, she who sends up gifts, is a title of the Greek Pandora.

This is not a good woman gone bad but she who releases man’s opportunities, the challenges we need to overcome, from the vase given to her by the Gods.


She Enters Her Dream And Takes Back Her Mask Of Power

Having found what we need within ourselves we have the courage to express it.

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      Thank you very much for your feedback on Fall of Man Daniel. It seemed to take on a life of its own as I painted it making it seem it created itself.


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