Morning Star, Lightbringer, Lucifer

Morningstar, Lucifer

Morningstar, oil on canvas, 48 inches by 24 inches, 2009

Original painting available from Saatchi Art

Morning Star, Lucifer Lightbringer, Phosphorus, or Eosphoros, in classical mythology, the morning star

Morningstar, Lucifer, Morning Star, Light Bringer, Venus. A visual rendition by visual artist Roger Williamson. depicting Lucifer as femine corrresponding to her planetary body Venus

Morningstar as Lucifer it is worth considering is not male when the stars attributed to the concept are Venus and Sirius, both of which are female.

Psychologically for a man, Lucifer is feminine, not masculine, as many may have failed to realize.   For a woman it’s the reverse.

This follows the concept that an individuals daemon is the opposite gender to their physical vehicle

Lucifer is your lover. When you feel yourself attracted to another it is because you see in this other a projection of your shadow/daemon. Self love.

The concept of Lucifer has similarities with Jung’s anima, animus.  However, this is only true for the microcosmic world.  In the macrocosm the image is feminine, note the planets attributed to her Venus and Sirius.

Venus is the Morning Star on a daily cycle and Sirius as an annual event.


Tarot of the Morning Star

Books by Roger Williamson which elucidate the theory

Comets ov Cupid Meets Tarot of the Morning Star

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