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Worship of the Ancestor

Worshiping the Ancestor Sprits I Am The Body Of My Ancestors Oil on canvas Ancestor worship While your name continues to be spoken you continue to live. This is the fundamental theory behind ancestor worship which can be witnessed to an extreme in ancient Egyptian culture. Study of Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh of ancient Egypt, reveals that she was condemned to non being because all references to her name and existence were eliminated by her step son. Only in comparatively recent times has her name come to light. It is Hatshepsut who is the inspiration for such novels as “Jewel […]


Judgment Major Arcana Explanation

Judgment Major Arcana Tarot Card For Judgment I have used the climax of the Cain and Abel story as the image for my interpretation because it illustrates the moment of taking an irreversible step by an action made or a word spoken that can never be taken back. The card reminds us that we need to think before we act or speak. Modern commentators typically assume Cain’s motive was jealousy due to God rejecting his offering, while accepting Abel’s.   Some ancient exegetes suggest something even more sinister lay behind the killing.  They suggest the motive involved a desire for the most […]