Capricorn: Goat Mother of the Sun

Capricorn: Goat Mother of the Sun

The Goat is the mother of the Sun, for it is in the constellation of Capricorn, whose zoomorph is a goat, that the Sun is reborn,  Meaning that the Sun begins to rise again from is lowest point.

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Adversity is overcome by humor.

The central figure displays the personality required for facing adversity, a sense of humor.  This is also emphasized by the figure’s horns resembling a medieval fools cap.

The spiral beard symbolizes time.  The blocks below illustrate the challenges that need to be overcome that become the stairs to achievement.

The image is God and Devil.  It is our perspective on life’s situations that determines which we experience.

Tarot of the Morning Star

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    • roger Williamson

      Hi James, good point. I would suggest you look into what traditional peoples developed where you are just like we did up here. There are many constellations we are both denied because they are invisible from our diverse locations. I would say the principles are universal but you have to find away to apply them to your particular environment.

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