Daemon, Watcher in the Wood

Daemon, rising out of the earth dryads answer the call of the piper.

Daemons, fine art, classical art, Nature Spirits. A symbolic original painting by Minneapolis Minnesota visual artist Roger Williamson. Asini, Greece.
Rising out of the earth dryads answer the call of the piper.

Daemon, Watcher in the Wood, oil on wood, 72 inches by 36 inches, 2018. Original painting available from Saatchi Art

It is rumored by aged locals of Asini, that in the lonely hills behind the village of Asini and the citadel of Ancient Asini / Kastraki , dryad and daemon, spirits do appear. In shaded groves, protected from the heat of the mid day sun.

In shaded lonely groves and valleys these spirits perform their sacred dances.

It is rumored by  many  these spirits are manifestations of those long ago casualties of Anisi that perished beneath the walls of Troy.

The ruins of the ancient Asini; are near the village, jon top of a hilly cape. It provides evidence of the power and splendor of Asini’s kingdom in the time of the Trojan War. Remains of prehistoric settlements and parts of ancient city walls can be seen there; excavations also revealed Mycenaean tombs.

Calling up Anima Spirits

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