First Decan Libra

First Decan Libra, Tarot Two Air

Tarot Two of Air, Two Swords, Peace Restored

tarot card artThe first decan of Libra corresponds to the Minor Arcana card Peace Restored, which represents the Two of Air, traditionally known as Two of Swords. This card is associated with the sphere of Wisdom, known as Chokmah, on the QBL Tree of Life, and is influenced by the planet Uranus.

Two of Air belongs to the suit of Air, representing the world of Yetzirah. It embodies the qualities of Uranus and signifies the restoration of balance after conflict or suffering.

This card Peace Restored reflects the ambition to overcome obstacles and find peace, even in the face of defeat and hardships. It symbolizes the ability to find pleasure after pain and strength through adversity. Although conflicts may be resolved, some residual tension may still linger due to past experiences.

To achieve peace and resolution, one must utilize wisdom, represented by Chokmah, and align themselves with the natural flow influenced by the Moon. This card specifically represents the calculating and analytical phase of the Moon, emphasizing the importance of using reason and intellect in finding wisdom.

Personality Type

The personality type associated with this card is the Queen of Air. She possesses clairvoyant and perceptive qualities, allowing her to understand and anticipate the motivations and ambitions of others. The Queen of Air exudes grace and balance, reflecting the resolution and harmony sought through the influence of this card.

However, it’s important to note that if this card is badly aspected, negative traits like cruelty, deceitfulness, and unreliability may manifest in the individual.

Decan Signature

In our failure to understand what a card is saying, we should allow ourselves to be driven back on our inner voice for resolution.

To fully grasp the meaning of the Two of Air, it’s essential to delve into the specific inner voice of the decan, represented by the conjunction of Justice and the Moon, projected through the personality type of the Queen of Air. Additionally, the elemental quality of the Queen of Air corresponds to the Water aspect of the Air suit, adding further depth to the interpretation.

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