Tarot Queen Air

Tarot Queen Air, Queen of Swords

Tarot Queen Air Swords
Queen of Air from Tarot of the Morning Star

Tarot Queen Air, Swords, represents the personality characteristics of those falling within the astrological sign of Libra who’s elemental attribution is water of air

The air quality of the card is expounded as the enigmatic sphinx. She who is calculating, confident and poised appearing unemotional in her execution of logic to destroy  any flawed questioning from a seeker.. She represents.femme fatale.to an extreme as illustrated in the card.

The water quality is her personal creative logic and tantalizing appearance that makes an emotional connection to distract any seeker from the resolution of her riddles.

These descriptions of character provide a guide for her selection as a significator representing a questioner in a reading.

Answers to minor arcana cards 10 of Earth, 2 of Air and 3 of Air can be called forth through the readers ability to call up her current. In an event that this summoning of her aspect is unable to answer your question, due to lack of previous experience,  you should allow your consciousness to be thrown back to the archetypal function of Justice to hear her resolution of the query

Allocation of digit Minor Arcana cards to the elemental Court personality cards are taken from The Golden Dawn tarot system.

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