Freedom, Tarot Emperor, Sun Enters Aries

Freedom, Tarot Emperor, Sun Enters Aries

Tarot Emperor major arcana tarot card, Aries. FreedomA fine art symbolic original oil painting of this image from a tarot divination deck. Freedom

Freedom, represented as major arcana card Tarot Emperor corresponding to astrological sign Aries. He is depicted as Lord of both worlds, Upper and Lower Egypt, symbolized by the plants of these two regions, the lotus and the papyrus. From a metaphysical perspective these two worlds are the seen and unseen, the waking self and our subconscious self. The principles are represented in ancient Egyptian belief as our Ka, conscious self, and by our Ba, our daemon, unconscious self.

It is the fusion of these two principles, that bestows upon us the jewel of self empowerment allowing us to move beyond and out of our comfort zones. In the words of Hermann Hesse from his novel “Demian“¹, The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.

Aries is ruled by Mars a planet representing dynamic change and action. In conjunction with the Sun we witness a dynamic combination. See tarot Tower  which represents the quality and effects of Mars.

The Emperor exhibits the courage to go beyond the material and explore the metaphysical, freeing our consciousness to break the boundaries of what is known and explore the unseen. This is a reminder that freedom comes with the willingness to take responsibility for our choices and our actions. The card symbolizes freedom – an ability to be true to our selves, recognize our own inner strength, and bring balance and harmony to our lives.

Freedom is our chosen perspective which encourages us to believe we have command over our own destiny. This is highlighted in the three decan cards the Emperor rules, Two of Fire Dominion, Three of Fire Virtue, also called Established Strength and Four of Fire Perfected Work.

For  a deeper understanding of the cards consider what is occurring in the natural world when the Sun enters Aries. Translate this astrological phenomena as a metaphor to discern its meaning regarding your question.

Interpretation must come from within one’s self through listening to our own inner voice. Take time to read Julian Jaynes thought provoking book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind to understand the impact of what lies behind this simple statement.

Emperor represents the archetypal voice behind the Two, Three and Four, of Fire. When unable to interpret the appearance of these three cards when they appear in reading let your mind fall back upon the Emperor and listen for a resolution to the conundrum.

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Freedom, Two Fire, Two Wands, Dominion, ruled by Mars, Tarot of the Morning Star, Magick, Freedom.


Tarot tree, 3, Fire minor arcana card


Tarot Four Fire, Four Wands


¹ Demian, The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth, first published 1919

Tarot of the Morning Star revised and expanded second edition deck available  from Gamecrafter

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