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Number Two 2014

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Howling at the Sky: Draconian Architecture and the Sabian Keys


Dance for Kali Clothing, Bags and Pillows

Dance for Kali featuring the image from my 2012 oil painting.

A woman assumes the god form of Kali. She does this to manifest the Goddesses’ personality within herself so that she may be empowered by her.

To channel and amplify this she dances before the yantra of Kali, the goddesses’ signature which is used like a talisman in the Western Magical Tradition.  The skulls represent epochs of time both past and to come.


kali bag kali hoody kali pillow

Dance of Kali





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  1. kary serenity (gayle)

    Looks astonishing! I would expect to see noting less from you, keep up the great work! Love Kary Serenity (Gayle)

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