Sun Enters Sagittarius, Tarot Card Temperance

Sun Enters Sagittarius, Tarot Temperance

Sagittarius,Temperance,tarot card atu 14. Depicts the balance of opposites symbolized by a lion for Fire and Eagle for Water. The result of this balance is the awakening of the spiritual self
Major arcana card Temperance corresponding to astrological sign Sagittarius
The original oil on canvas painting of Temperance for Tarot of the Morning Star.
Original painting for Tarot of the Morning Star Temperance major arcana card. Oil on canvas, 30 inches ny 40 inches, 2006

Sagittarius  is the water aspect of fire who’s corresponding tarot card is Temperance.

The appearance of Temperance in a tarot reading suggests that moderation is required in some aspect of the querants life indicated by adjacent influencing cards,

This card could also be called Alchemy due to alchemy being a technique that uses gentle heat.

Interpretations may focus on bringing balance to the life of the querent.  Other interpretations may serve as a reminder that a compromise between two seemingly incompatible options is often the best course.  To achieve balance, synthesize your opposites.

Temperance is the archetypal bicameral voice behind the Eight, Nine and Ten of Fire, Wands

Eight of Fire falls under the influence of archetypal voice Sagittarius. Tarot of the Morning Star
Eight of Fire, Wands. Swiftness, first decan of Sagittarius
Nine of Fire falls under the influence of archetypal voice Sagittarius. Tarot of the Morning Star
Nine of Fire, Wands, Great Strength, second decan of Sagittarius
Ten of Fire, Oppression, falls under the influence of archetypal voice Sagittarius.
Ten of Fire, Wands, Oppression, Third decan of Sagittarius
Knight of Fire, Wands
Knight of Fire, Wands. Personality type behind the third decan of Scorpio seven of water, cups and first two decans of Sagittarius the Eight and Nine of Fire, Wands
tarot Queen of Earth
Water of Earth, Pentacles Queen of Earth, Pentacles. Personality type behind the Ten of Fire, Wands She rules the third decan of Sagittarius and the first and second decans of Capricorn.

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