Sun Enters Leo Tarot Strength and Bicameral Theory

Tarot Strength Bicameral Theory

Tarot Strength Bicameral Theory

Is strength taking the fruit, or refusing the fruit?

As an example of a bicameral archetype for this card, Achilles is opportune because of his reactionary fixed  automatic responses to phenomena.  We should note however that his character expresses wrath and anger but not hate.

When presented with a phenomena outside of himself, Achilles responds to voices from within himself. He is, to all intense and purposes, a puppet  animated and manipulated by the strings of hallucinating voices of ancestors and Gods.

These automatic responses are recurrent throughout the Iliad. However, when we examine the Odyssey, with its central character of Odysseus, we witness a dramatic change. Odysseus is imaginatively conscious and accountable for his actions.

With  the appearance of the major arcana card Strength, the effects upon the material environment become apparent when examining the minor arcana cards it influences; Five, Six and Seven of Wands, Strife, Victory and Valor respectively. Major arcana key Strength is the archetypal voice behind the Five, Six and Seven of Fire.

Tarot Strength

Tarot Strength Bicameral Theory

When failing to interpret these cards in a reading one should allow one’s mind to fall back upon the archetypal image of Strength in gain elucidation to the conundrum.

Tarot Strength on the QBL Tree of Life

Strength is the only horizontal path on the QBL tree of life, in the Four World Arrangement, that does not resonate with any other. The remaining two horizontal paths,Priestess and Tower, do resonate with one another and interestingly their planetary attributes are Venus and Mars respectively. This path, Hebrew letter Teth meaning serpent, connects the spheres Chesed and Geburah, Jupiter and Mars.

See Qlippoth An Alternative View and QBL  for and explanation of the of the Four World Arrangement.

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