Tarot Knight of Fire Knight of Wands

Tarot Knight of Fire, Fire of Fire

Tarot Knight of Fire rules from 20 degrees Scorpio through 20 degrees Sagittarius

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Tarot Knight of Fire, Knight of Wands

Knight of Fire also known as Knight of Wands represents the human machine personality type Fire of Fire attributed to astrological sign Aries corresponding to tarot major arcana card Emperor

Sephirothic Planetary Correspondence

Tarot Knights fall on Chokmah the second sephirah of the QBL Tree of Life which has the planetary attribute of Uranus. Knight of Fire is an ideal conduit for channeling Uranus’ progressive rebellious nature and this influence finds here a conducive home for expressing its nature through originality and sudden change spurning moderation and conventionality. 

What is weird and strange to others is to Knight of Fire fuel to feed radical drives. The planet is the creative stimulus for science fiction and surrealism and its influence is also evident as the catalyst for the emergence of ancient cave paintings like those at Lascaux in southwestern France.

Uranus and Fire  are the backdrop and overall persona of the personality type.

Personality Type

With Knight of Fire we witness a personality type that is a combination of elemental Fire and the planetary influence of Uranus which introduces unrestrained, impetuous and sudden impulses.

Knight of Fire personality types are enthusiastic but have short attention spans with little to no  ability to focus.

On occasion they can appear to be perceived as cruel, bigoted or even brutal but this is not premeditated unless highlighted by surrounding cards. It is an unconscious Achilles-like response to opposition or threat that might hinder or restrict their unbridled need to express. This response is neither good nor bad, any more than the natural forces that surround us are neither good or bad.  What does determine the dilemma of duality is our personal perspective that will be illuminated by adjacent cards. 

In contrast to these traits are the Promethean ones of being kind and benevolent to humanity. However, unlike Prometheus who possessed forethought, this personality’s exhibitions of beneficiary traits are automatically triggered responses.

It is when Knight of Fire is in combination with Air cards that we witness a highly combustible, maybe even uncontrollable, destructive presence.  

This is explained in depth in The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes.

A Knight of Fire personality is an unconscious and spontaneous reaction to phenomena or circumstances that might hinder or restrict their unbridled expression. Actions are not thought out.  They are an automatic reaction, in many respects, a machine-like response.

Knight of Fire’s success is due to an impulsive nature: their devil may care attitude of boldly going where even angels fear to tread. They are initially successful when opportunities present themselves because of an intrinsic ability to immediately grasp opportunities, while others take account of pros and cons of what decision to take. Their weakness is a lack of follow through in achieving their desires and for this they have to rely on others to materialize their ambitions.

All of these traits, as is true with each of the tarot cards, will be colored by adjacent and or surrounding cards which provide depth, tone and timbre as do a combination of notes in a musical chord.

Tarot Knight of Fire Knight of Wands rules minor arcana decan cards Seven of Water, Eight of Fire and Nine of Fire, 20 degrees Scorpio  through 20 degrees Sagittarius.

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