Tarot Empress

Tarot Empress

Tarot Empress major arcana tarot card by Roger Williamson, from his Tarot of the Morning Star, Venus

The tarot Empress wears the Egyptian hieroglyph of Hathor, meaning House of Horus on her throat. This hieroglyph depicts a wall with a door. 

A door is a soft part of a wall which is an apt correspondence of this card. Daleth, the Hebrew letter which corresponds to this card, means door.

Tarot of the Morning Star Interpretation

The Tarot of the Morning Star deck by Roger Williamson beautifully depicts the powerful archetype of The Empress. In this particular reading, the focus lies on exploring her connection with the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, Venus, and the Hebrew letter Daleth, which symbolizes a door. Be aware that the Hindu Goddess Kali is a door.

The Empress embodies the qualities of divine femininity, nurturing, abundance, and creation. She represents the universe’s creative force, and her energy extends beyond personal relationships to encompass a larger cosmic connection.

Ancient Egyptian Influence

Drawing parallels between The Empress and the goddess Hathor, an Egyptian deity associated with love, beauty, and pleasure, reveals a harmonious resonance. Hathor’s presence enhances The Empress’ connection to sensuality, pleasure, and the aesthetic arts. Their connection can be seen as a gateway to unlocking the depths of feminine power and creative potential.

Tarot Empress Astrological Influence

Furthermore, The Empress is often associated with the planet Venus, a celestial body known to represent love, beauty, and desire. The association with Venus adds an additional layer to The Empress’ presence, pushing her energy beyond earthly realms and connecting her to the cosmic forces of love and harmony.

QBL Associations

In the context of the Hebrew letter Daleth, which symbolizes a door, The Empress represents a gateway or portal to new possibilities. Just as a door allows passage from one space to another, The Empress guides us through transformative journeys, unveiling new opportunities and paths for growth. This connection emphasizes The Empress’ role as a nurturing, creative force that opens doors to abundance and manifestation.

Within the Tarot of the Morning Star deck, the card’s imagery brilliantly captures The Empress’ connection to Hathor, Venus, and the concept of a door. As you delve deeper into these associations, pay attention to the symbols depicted in the artwork. They can provide insights and guidance into unlocking the transformative power and creative potential The Empress represents.

In Summary

The Empress card from the Tarot of the Morning Star deck by Roger Williamson unveils the profound relationship between this archetype and the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor, as well as the cosmic energy emanating from the planet Venus. Additionally, her connection to the Hebrew letter Daleth signifies her role as a doorway to new possibilities and the nurturing of abundant creative energies. Exploring these connections will offer a deeper understanding of The Empress’ influence and guidance in various aspects of life.

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The original Empress created with pastels

Tarot of the Morning Star Deck available from Magus Books

Tarot of the Morning Star Book reprinted

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