Tarot Fool

Tarot Fool

Tarot Fool, Major Arcana Fool, from Tarot of the Morning Star by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson
Fool, major arcana tarot card zero. An original oil on canvas painting.

Tarot Fool in the image of Lucifer.

We reach for what we already possess.

New endeavors offer us the potential of  the abyss of the unknown.

Taking a leap of faith.

The hands in the abyss represent those who live in fear because of lack of faith in themselves, they are possessed by conformity. It is these who resent the individual depicted by The Fool, the individual who has faith in themselves.

The Fool risks all in an attempt to obtain what is already possessed.

The Fool is the seeker, an adventurere, acting from an impulse of inspiration as oppossed to knowledge.

Automatic response to phenomena, bicameral mind. Animated into action by hallucinated images and or voices.

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