Minor Arcana Cards

Tarot Minor Arcana Cards

Minor Arcana Cards

Tarot Aces, a study of their symbolism and impact.

Tarot Minor Arcana Cards fall into three categories.

Minor Arcana Decan Cards 2 through 10 are a catalog of perceived events.  Our personality types’ suppositions of what are perceived as phenomena impact our biological machine.

These are the human biological machines, thought to be objective, and their interactions between physical and mental experience. This is not to say these influences are present, the inference is that they are perceived to be present.

Minor Arcana Court Cards Knights, Queens, and Princes correspond to astrological personality types. Princesses are also personality types but in addition, represent doors to access other orders of being. 

Knights, Queens, and Princes are images of human personality types allocated to the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac. They relate to emotional and or mental responses to phenomena experienced in the life journey and therefore correspond to facets of problem resolution.

Princesses are also personality types but in addition, depict psychological gates of inspiration opening upon worlds of infinite possibilities. Visceral imaginative thought patterns that expose transits between one realm of human experience, perception, and another, they are acts of giving birth¹, meaning becoming aware² to alternative realities or opportunities.  They represent the thrones of the Aces³

Minor Arcana Ace Cards represent possibility. They indicate that an atmosphere is conducive for a specific element’s recognition by a personality type. The appearance, when it arrives, is something which has always been present but previously unrecognized. It is only when our imagination is piqued that the undefinable becomes definable. Everything is perpetually present when we are able to look in the right way, meaning from an analogous receptive state of mind.

Aces are fleeting impressions of possible occurrences on the horizon of awareness: delicate, subtle, indefinable and illusive links between Court Card personality types’ experiences and the Decan human biological machine perceptions of these experiences. This interaction is directed through Court Card Princesses as inspiration.

¹The term “giving birth” here implies becoming aware, awakening from sleep. It is to create what is already present through a change in our perspective.

²See Magic Philosophy, Magical Philosophy of the QBL diagram 5

³See Magic Philosophy, Magical Philosophy of the QBL diagram 5

Minor Arcana Cards