Gone to Earth, The Healing Place

Gone to Earth

Gone to Earth, is an oil on canvas painting, 48 inches by 24 inches. Available for purchase at Saatchi Art

Femme Fatale Gone to Earth, ancestral, vulpine
Gone to Earth, is an oil on canvas painting, 48 inches by 24 inches
Earth of Earth, Princess of Pentacles, ancestral, vulpine
Princess of Earth from Tarot of the Morning Star tarot deck.

Gone to earth is to enter our inner being, where we become  empowered through contact with our ancestral roots.

Here in this healing place we can be nourished by the avatar of our power animal. through shamanic technique.

Conversely, to retreat from what we see as the dangers of the world into a secret lair or to go away to a place where people will not be able to find you .

The painting depicts woman embracing her vulpine spirit.    

Gone to Earth is represented as Princess of Earth, Earth of Earth in my Tarot of the Morning Star tarot deck available from Gamecrafter and Magus Books in Minneapolis.

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About Roger Williamson

Roger Williamson visual  artist, resides and creates in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Born in Loughborough, England, in 1947 and growing up in Coventry he was inspired from an early age by the French Symbolist painters of late nineteenth century France,

These artistic influences, in conjunction with his own esoteric upbringing and practical experiences of mythology and dream control, form the matrix, a collective oeuvre upon which his paintings and writings are an extension.

Using diverse creative media, whether  painting or writing books, Williamson endeavors to develop techniques that materialize the sensuous dreaming experience into the language of the waking world.

Aspiring to reintroduce mystery and ambiguity back into the adventure of human existence through the creative process he encourages artistic audiences towards “living effulgent and invigorating lives, revitalized from the secretions of our subconscious.”

See Princess of Pentacles from Tarot of the Morning Star.

Roger Williamson is the creator of Tarot of the Morning Star deck and the author of The Sun at Night.

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