Cryptic Sphinx. A Mythological Being From Ancient Times Relevant in the Perpetual Present

Cryptic sphinx, Symbolic mythological artist, williamson. Featured as Tarot Queen of Air in Tarot of the Morning Star by Minneapolis visual artist Roger Williamson, riddle,
Sphinx. Oil on canvas, 72 inches by 48 inches

Cryptic Sphinx

The cryptic sphinx epitomizes awareness of a possible  event and she is symptomatic of hazard, implying an appearance of a new situation or enterprise.

As the enigmatic unknown She is the as yet to be revealed future.

We are not initially cognizant of consequences resulting from our engagement in her speculative opportunity, not realizing the answer to her riddle will be through our life journey. 

Our voyage of opportunity is revealed through oracular revelation, which through life experience, leads to interpretation of her initial cryptic emergence.

Mystery is energy and when the sphinx loses her mystery she dies.

In the back ground is written the riddle of the Sphinx, in jumbled Greek letters, and in the foreground are the dead bodies of her previous lovers. The aesthetic comes to her passively in contemplation and she meets him as dynamic energy issuing from this contemplation.

The sphinx confronts us to make us think, to find answers for ourselves, to find our own unique images in the imagined chaos of the universe.

The Sphinx has a correspondence to the combined influence of the four Knights of the tarot and the grade of Magus in Western Magical Tradition. See The Magus, QBL, Sphinx,Tarot Knights

Her personality type is that of the tarot minor arcana court card Queen of Air.

The lasting success of movies such as 2001,is that they are open ended leaving it up to us, the viewers, to imagine and figure out for ourselves whatever meaning may lie in the work.

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