Falling: Fall Of Man

Falling: Fall of Man is an occult inspired triptych of three 8 foot by 4 foot oil on wood panels, 2012/2013

Presently on display at Stevens Square Center For The Arts until Sunday August 25th, 2013.

Occult art, artist, visual artist, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Falling, a triptych of three 8 foot by 4 foot oil on wood panels. Depicts the Fall as empowering in contradiction to traditional interpretations. serpent of wisdom,greek myth,Paradise
Fall, oil on wood, 96 inches by 48 inches

Left Panel

Fall: Paradise is for those who do what they are told

Reaching for the serpent of wisdom and knowledge the seeker awakens the suppressed aspects of the self. Fall from paradise.

The awakened individual becomes alert to all the previously suppressed potentials.  We wake up through escaping from the prison of religion and societies values.

At the bottom left is our deepest sense of being.  It is awakening from sleep symbolized by the figure’s necklace that is Kephera, the Ancient Egyptian Sun at Night, that forces the Sun to rise at dawn.  On the bottom right of the work we can see the sleeper is guarded by the Goat of Mendes, symbolic of facing and overcoming our fears.  Challenge is opportunity.

Center Panel


Anesidora, she who sends up gifts, is a title of the Greek Pandora.   It is she who releases man’s opportunities, the challenges we need to overcome, from the vase given to her by the Gods.

Right Panel

She Enters Her Dream And Takes Back Her Mask Of Power

What we need we find within.