Sun in Leo, Tarot Strength

Sun Leo, Tarot Strength

Sun in Leo, tarot strength, Strength tarot card. Major arcana tarot card used for astral projection and shamanic vision

Sun in Leo corresponds to tarot major arcana card Strength. It is representative of a state of mind where an individual has the ability to make decisions and accept the consequences that come with them. This card emphasizes creativity and disregards the concept of right or wrong, focusing instead on what is the correct action for the individual. It signifies the strength to pursue one’s life purpose regardless of the outcomes and symbolizes strength through submission.

The card depicts the awakening of the conscious mind to the existence of its betrothed partner, the subconscious, the personal daemon, represented by the man the woman. It is an illustration of the subconscious taking control of the conscious mind and its passions.  See Tarot Court Cards

The dynamic interaction between the conscious and subconscious is revealed through the split in the pomegranate² which symbolizes the door² to the woman’s womb, a creative environment, which symbolizes her potential to bring forth life. Each seed within the pomegranate represents the possibilities and potential futures that can be materialized.

When an opportunity arises, a decision must be made, and this is represented by the countless seeds within the fruit. Whether one accepts or declines the opportunity, there will always be consequences. There is no definitive right or wrong, but rather what works best for the individual. Sometimes, an act of submission can be an act of strength, and one can only do what feels right for them.

The appearance of the Strength card in a tarot reading also signifies the influence of the Sun in Leo upon the material environment during the corresponding time of year. 

In the context of the QBL Tree of Life, the Strength card is associated with the Hebrew letter Teth ט meaning serpent, and is the only horizontal path that is not connected to any other path in the Jacobs Ladder arrangement. The other two horizontal paths, Empress Hebrew letter ד meaning door and Tower Hebrew letter פ meaning mouth, do resonate with each other and have planetary attributes of Venus and Mars respectively. The Teth path connects the spheres Chesed and Geburah, which correspond to Jupiter and Mars.

Sun in Leo expresses itself upon the physical plane through minor arcana cards 5, 6, and 7 of Fire. The first, second, and third decans of Leo.  See diagram

When failing to interpret these cards in a reading one should allow one’s mind to fall back upon the archetypal image of Strength to gain elucidation to the conundrum.


¹ The interplay between the self and the daemon is a formula activated by the magickal machine 16. This formula classifies one’s daemon as being the opposite elemental quality combination to that of the conscious mind.

² The pomegranate in turn is symbolic of a garden, a perceived place of controlled husbandry rather than what appears to be the randomness of nature.

³Door is the meaning of the Hebrew letter ד, Daleth that is attributed to astrological Venus

Leo tarot Strength. Five of Fire meaning Strife. Tarot of the Morning Star depicts Minor Arcana Tarot cards as binary code.
Five of Fire, Wands. Interpretation Strife. First decan of Leo.
Leo tarot Strength Bicameral Theory. Tarot of the Morning Star utilizes binary code in depicts minor arcana cards one through ten
Six of Fire, Wands. Interpretation Victory. Second decan Leo
Leo, Tarot Strength Bicameral Theory. Tarot of the Morning Star depicts minor arcana cards one through ten as binary code.
Seven of Fire, Wands. Interpretation Valour. Third decan Leo

When failing to interpret these cards in a reading one should allow one’s mind to fall back upon the archetypal image of Strength to gain elucidation to the conundrum.

See Qlippoth An Alternative View and QBL  for an explanation of the Four World Jacob’s Arrangement.

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