Tarot Queen Earth, Tarot Queen of Pentacles

Queen Earth, Tarot Queen Pentacles

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Queen of Earth, Queen of Pentacles
Tarot Queen Earth represents the water aspect of Earth ruling from 20 degrees Sagittarius through 20 degrees of Capricorn. The Ten of Fire, Two and Three of Earth.. A detail from the original painting Dark Sister of the Black Sun Cult
Dark Sister of the Black Sun Cult. Oil on canvas,48 inches by 36 inches.

Tarot Queen Water of Earth

Tarot Queen of Earth rules from 20 degrees Sagittarius through 20 degrees Capricorn

Queen of Earth represents the human machine personality type Water of Earth.

Taking the influence of the Knight of Earth she directs his qualities into emotional and objective creative directions.

As a derivative of the Greek Goddess Demeter she is representative of an earth mother expressing desires for bringing fruition to whatever is her focus. Like Demter her instinct is toward “sacred law”, cycles of life and death as opposed to man made laws.

In the everyday world she creates practical works of art, items or images that have a practical application as in dressmaking,  pottery, cooking and book illustrating that is focused towards practicality .

She is a blend of the two passive elements Earth and Water.  This combination  is apparent in her kind, charming and great hearted personality.

If opposed she is strict, stern and changeable. As always this will be discerned by examining adjacent cards.

Queen of Earth rules 20 degrees Sagittarius through 20 degrees Capricorn, Ten of Fire, Five of Earth and Six of Earth


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