Earth Decan Cards

Earth decan cards represent materiality in all its forms and senses either for good or evil. They show material gain or loss, work, power  and wealth. Keep in mind Earth decan cards association with the physical health and workings of the body.

For anyone interested in magical practice these cards are an ideal mnemonic tool to focus concentration to evoke the powers that the cards represent.


First Decan Capricorn

Second Decan Capricorn

Third Decan Capricorn

Ruling Major Arcana Key Devil Corresponding to Capricorn

Earth Decan Cards, Two Earth, Two Pentacles from Tarot of the Morning Star. Signifies Harmonious Change
Two Earth
Earth Decan Cards, Three Earth Three Pentacles
Three Earth
Earth Decan Cards, Four Earth, Pentacles, coins
Four Earth Four Pentacles

16 Devil 3

First Decan Taurus

Second Decan Taurus

Third Decan Taurus

Ruling Major Arcana Key Hierophant Corresponding to Taurus

Earth Decan Cards, tarot
Five Earth
6 Earth Layout
Six Earth
7 Earth Seven Earth, failure pentacles, coins
Seven Earth

Tarot Major Arcana Keys

First Decan Virgo

Second Decan Virgo

Third Decan Virgo

Ruling Major Arcana Key Hermit Corresponding to Virgro

Eight Earth, Earth decan cards

nine earth, earth decan cards


Tarot Major Arcana Keys

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