Tarot Death

Tarot Death

tarot death,major arcana,scorpio,rebirthTarot Death illustrates the cycle of life that is a force having little regard for individuality.

There is no death, only change and this card expresses that formula. Death is metamorphose, it is nature eating and birthing itself.

What are perceived as closings are only points on the circumference of a circle emphasizing a concept that there is no death only transformation. What are sometimes observed to be ends are forms and matrices plasticizing into vehicles for continuing journeys into other phases and realms.

Tarot Death is ruthless and spontaneous reaction to incidents with little or no regard of personal accountability. These are traits observed in the card when we are focused on specific time windows instead of the big picture.

Everything that exists is in a state of isochronism only appearing fixed because of our failure to be aware of the bigger picture . We might do well to consider that being fixed at one point on a journey prevents forms from completing the journey. What is observed as the end of journey is in fact an incubation phase of assimilation of what has been learned leading to continuing adventures.

We should bear in mind that Death removes that which is sick. The card therefore has a correspondence to healing.


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