Sun Scorpio Tarot Death

Sun Scorpio, Tarot Death

Sun Scorpio, Tarot Death, illustrates the cycle of life that has little regard for individuality. It is allocated to the astrological sign of Scorpio.

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Sun Scorpio the original painting for tarot Death. The painting depicts the relevant symbols of the card, Death, Serpent, Dove of Rebirth and Scorpion. The color scales are taken from the QBL Tree of Life of the Golden Dawn.
The original painting of tarot card Death for Atu 13 of Tarot of the Morning Star

There is no death, only change. 

We do not die, we move into another realm.

There is no death, only transformation. 

There are no ends only points on the circumference of a circle.

These remarks tie into the concept that, what we think of as ourselves, is in fact a host for another entity incubating within us.

A more appropriate word for Atu 13 is Transformation because the card is as much about Birth as it is Death.

Ruthless and spontaneous reaction to incidents. No sense of personal accountability.  Desire for power by any means. A rise of the ego replacing the voices of ancestors and gods by a ruthless pursuit of ambition.

We should bear in mind that Death removes that which is sick. The card therefore has a correspondence to healing. Its ruling planet Mars brings to mind the image of surgery.

Scorpio is the archetypal voice behind the Five, Six and Seven of Water.

When interpretation of these three cards fails allow your consciousness to fall back upon this card Death for elucidation and resolution of the question.

Five of Water Five of Cups, Loss in Pleasure, Tarot Minor Arcana card
Five of Water, Five of Cups corresponds to the first decan of Scorpio
Pleasure Six of Water corresponds to first degree of Scorpio. From Tarot of the Morning Star
Six of Water, Six of Cups corresponds to the second decan of Scorpio
Sun Scorpio. Seven of Water, Seven of Cups corresponds to second degree of Scorpio
Seven of Water, Seven of Cups Illusionary Success correponds to the third decan of Scorpio

In the Four Worlds arrangement of the QBL the path of Tarot Death resonates with that of Tarot Fool See QBL and Qlippoth An Alternative View  for explanations of this concept.

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