The Goat God Cometh, Sun in Capricorn, Tarot Devil

Sun in Capricorn, Tarot Devil, The Goat God Cometh

Humor overcomes adversity

The Goat God Cometh, Tarot Dark Lord Tarot Devil, Sun in Capricorn from Tarot of the Morning Star. In this depiction of the Dark Lord,Tarot Devil from Tarot of the Morning Star, we observe the central figure displaying the personality required for facing adversity, a sense of humor, the dark lord meaning in tarot,

Sun in Capricorn corresponds to the major arcana card Devil. The card is a depiction of adversity overcome by humor.

In this illustration of the Tarot Devil is taken from Tarot of the Morning Star, In it we observe the central figure exhibiting the qualities of humor crowned by the entity’s horns, reminiscent of a jester’s cap.

The blocks at the bottom of the card are the challenges needed to be overcome, adversity which becomes stairs to achievement. The spiral beard is symbolic of time.

The image is God and Devil, our choice of which is determined by our perspective that has been forged through personal interaction with life’s situations.

The serpent emerging from the chalice being handed to the viewer is symbolic of knowledge earned through life experiences. It represents “Know Thyself, achieved through transiting the paths of the QBL Tree of Life, the trail of the serpent.

How we are influenced by that knowledge and what we do with it determines the road we will from then on follow. The attitude we characterize at this instant of acceptance is our pact with chthonic alien forces through which we become empowered or enslaved. This is the historic pact made at the crossroads, an intersection denoting crisis where a decision must be made.

The card of the Devil is the culmination of a process which began with the Hierophant. As the process is continued, discernment, achieved through experience of the Hermit, is finally brought into consciousness as awareness of actualized phenomena by this card, the Devil.

Each of the Major Arcana cards allocated to the astrological signs of the zodiac represent an aegis, an archetypal voice for the three Minor Arcana cards they oversee. This is what Julian Jaynes refers to as ancestral voices or messages of god’s in his bicameral mind theory

Devil represents the bicameral archetypal force behind the Two, Three and Four of Earth cards

Two Earth, Two Pentacles, Tarot Dark Lord from Tarot of the Morning Star. Signifies Harmonious Change, Sun in Capricorn
Two Earth, Two Pentacles
Three Earth Three Pentacles
Three Earth, Three Pentacles
Four Earth, Pentacles, coins
Four Earth Four Pentacles


Capricorn Goat Mother of the Sun

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