Air Decan Cards

Air Decan Cards

Air Decan Cards also called Swords

First Decan Libra

Second Decan Libra

Third Decan Libra

Ruling Major Arcana Key Justice Corresponding to Libra

air decan cards, Tarot two of Air Swords

air decan cards, swords

air decan cards, swords


First Decan Aquarius

Second Decan Aquarius

Third Decan Aquarius

Ruling Major Arcana Key Star Corresponding to Aquarius



Tarot Seven of Air, Seven of Swords.

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First Decan Gemini

Second Decan Gemini

Third Decan Gemini

Ruling Major Arcana Key Lovers Corresponding to Gemini

Tarot Eight of Air, Eight of Swords

Tarot Nine of Air, Nine of Swords


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