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 The Tarot Keys, Major Arcana

Tarot Keys, also known as Major Arcana cards, as depicted in Tarot of the Morning Star.

Art is an externalization of inner pain and irritation.

The artist, like the oyster, is driven to externalize this inner pain and irritation into the image of a pearl.

For the Tarot Keys of Tarot of the Morning Star, I have deliberately provided only minimal explanations of the images of the tarot keys because I ardently believe it is important for each of us to discover our own inner meanings rather than rely on the interpretations of another.

From my experience, many authors are focused on sharing their knowledge rather than providing us with empowering techniques to unearth our own answers.  It is all too easy to read one book after another at the expense of applying one’s self to adventure.

The tarot has survived through the years, not because of the books written about it, but because the primal images the cards display resonate with our deepest selves.

The Tarot Keys as depicted in Tarot of the Morning Star are derived from the principles outlined in The Black Book of the Jackal, The Lucifer Diaries, Howling at the Sky, and The Sun at Night.

These principles were brought into existence through workings by The Circle[1], a loosely knit occult body operating from the early part of the 21st century.

Although its origins are Golden Dawn based it does not slavishly adhere to that august organization’s teachings.  Like the Golden Dawn, the Circle is a creative and expanding function.


Artists are their art, the art is the artist.  Their work may not match how we perceive their personalities because their creations are aspects of the true self that can be equated with the ancient Egyptian concepts of Ka and Ba and not the individual’s physical makeup.

As such an artist’s creations can be equated with the painted formula on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs that were the keys whereby the deceased could re-enter this realm of reality.

This being so when works, such as the images of the tarot are brought together in one place and arranged in specific alignments, the deceased can access our world. Creativity is the formula of immortality.

Suggested Reading

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Black Book of the Jackal

Howling at the Sky

The Golden Dawn


The Haunter of the Dark

The Lore of Proserpine,

The Stellar Lode

Brood of the Witch Queen

Jewel of the Seven Stars

[1] Members of The Circle believe that they are in communication with an intelligence that is not that of their waking state.  The intelligence of which we speak may be internal or external, and its origins may be internal or external, for members of The Circle this is not important.  What’s important is the interface with this intelligence stimulates creativity in those who communicate with it. The title The Circle is used so that all participants realize that there is no hierarchy, each individual has their role and no one role is more important than another.

Introduction     Philosophy

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